A CHEST 88-90 92-96 98-102 104-108
B WAIST 78-82 82-86 86-90 90-98
C SLEEVE 60 60 64 64






A BUST 78-86 88-94 86-102 104-108
B WAIST 66-70 72-75 76-80 82-86
C HIPS 84-90 92-98 100-104 106-110


Chest/Bust : measure across fullest part and across shoulder blades.

Waist: measure around natural waistline.

Hips: measure at widest part.

Sleeve: measure from collarbone till wrist.

Introducing Sunday stories


Sunday mornings are like a loophole in our week – the weekend chaos has already ended and the worries for the work week haven’t yet struck. Time slows down, our minds clear out the noxious disturbances and we let silence embrace us.


On Sundays, we reach out to things that are dearest to us.



Getting back to that book you lacked time for all week or picking up a brush to release the thoughts that have been circulating on your mind on a canvas. Every one of us seeks that Sunday holiness in our own different ways.


Long and peaceful breakfast without a care in the world.


Modern meditation with our favorite melodies.


City stroll with a steamy cup of our favorite tastes in hand.


Some of us feel like catching up for all the time lost with the ones we care about. While others feel like having a day just for themselves.



We all are very different but still share this rituality of Sundays. And in this blog we want to share other peoples’ Sunday stories with you.  Even though we lead different careers and lifestyles, these rituals unite many of us. Just like our clothing – fitting and lovely no matter one’s occupation or daily routine.


With many examples of creative lifestyle ways and beautiful stories, we hope to make this blog one of your new rituals.




Sundays wear