A CHEST 88-90 92-96 98-102 104-108
B WAIST 78-82 82-86 86-90 90-98
C SLEEVE 60 60 64 64






A BUST 78-86 88-94 86-102 104-108
B WAIST 66-70 72-75 76-80 82-86
C HIPS 84-90 92-98 100-104 106-110


Chest/Bust : measure across fullest part and across shoulder blades.

Waist: measure around natural waistline.

Hips: measure at widest part.

Sleeve: measure from collarbone till wrist.

Fashion blogger Nereta talks Sundays, coffee and mental gateways

She’s a woman of nature. Of authenticity.


A woman who seeks and understands the value of harmony in one’s life. Not complaining about the modern issues, she embraces and celebrates them.


Nereta, the creative mind behind her blog called after herself (www.nereta.lt), and a refreshingly optimistic and unique person, is sharing her thoughts on rituals and its significance with us this week.


What kind of Sunday’s rituals do you have?


Usually my husband takes on making breakfast on Sundays. I like to sleep in, so I’m used to having them while still in bed. That’s a ritual I can’t complain about. (smiles)


I try to make time for a cup of coffee in one of the lovely cafés somewhere in the city, and snack on some rare tastes of chocolate candy. It gives me great pleasure.


What does home mean to you?


I feel exceptionally well at home. I enjoy working and resting there, and I even manage to focus and feel productive. It’s honestly a pleasant place to be at because every detail is picked or created by me and my husband. It’s our own handcrafted little world. We both are into interior design, so it was another playground of creativity for us.



How does living near the forest affect your life?


I take walks in the forest as often as it’s possible. Since I grew up in Druskininkai – a town that itself is like an enormous green park – nature is an important part of me. I really enjoy running in the forest. I leave music behind and listen to the sounds of nature and the rhythm of my steps. In such a way I lift myself physically and emotionally – ridding of any mental pains and stress.


What is your everyday routine?


Work days fly by in a flash. In the morning I rush to work at an advertising agency. The ritual there is a cup of coffee with a croissant from a nearby bakery – I wouldn’t survive these busy mornings without them. After work I like to stop by more interesting and unusual bodegas to search for ecological and healthy food options – I give a lot of thought to the things that we eat. I drive home afterwards, where my husband and I make dinner together. The time we spend in the kitchen together makes it easier for us to go out of the working mode and into our lovely time at home. We talk about our days – if we want to – or discuss our beautiful ideas for the future.



What do you do for pleasure?


When I find some spare time, I enjoy painting abstractions in an absolutely free form. I find it especially fascinating when I have no idea what the final result will look like, and just allow my hand to make the first uncontrollable strokes – it‘s a bizarre therapy when I am able not to think about anything else in the world.


A safe place, created by rituals that are dear to heart and soul, serves as a mental and moral getaway.


To be continued…



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